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Lobster Gough $9.95

Tender clawmeat wrapped in puff pastry with a delicious sherry cream sauce

Jumbo Chicken Wings $8.95

Hot, Mild or BBQ with Celery, Carrots, and fresh homemade Bleu Cheese Dressing

Shrimp Lajon $8.95

An exciting moment for Shrimp, Horse Radish, and Bacon Broiled to perfection with Newburg Sauce

Battered Mozzarella Sticks $7.95

Fulfilling, Cheesy, Chewey, and Gooey

Potstickers $7.95

Crispy Asian dumplings, so tasty & delicious with dipping sauce on the side

Onion Rings $6.95

Fun, never out of style, definitely retro, second in popularity to the diamond ring, and no one needs to bend down on one knee!

Mushrooms! Mushrooms! $7.95

Tell us how you like ’em; Breaded and Crispy with cocktail sauce OR Oven baked stuffed with seasoned cheese

Shrimp Cocktail $7.95

Pretty and Pink, this is a classic appetizer

Clams Casino $8.95

Broiled with bacon & herb butter

Steamed Clams $12.95

Clams Raw on the Half Shell $13.95

Steamed Mussels $9.95

2 Dozen steamed in either Garlic Butter or Marinara Sauce

Sandwiches & Pub Food

Deluxe Hamburger Platter $9.95

French Fries, lettuce, tomato & onion

Deluxe Cheeseburger Platter $10.50

French Fries, lettuce, tomato & onion

Bacon Hamburger Platter $10.95

French Fries, lettuce, tomato & onion

Mushroom Burger Platter $10.95

French Fries, lettuce, tomato & onion

Bleu Cheese Mushroom Burger Platter $10.95

French Fries, lettuce, tomato & onion

Hot Turkey Sandwich $11.95

Gravy, mashed potatoes or french fries

Hot Roast Beef Sandwich $11.95

Gravy, mashed potatoes or french fries

Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich $9.95

On a toasted, crusty roll with french fries

Grilled Chicken Ciabatta Sandwich $10.95

With roasted red peppers & provolone on ciabatta bread

Ham & Brie Ciabatta Sandwich $10.95

With crisp apple & honey mustard

French Dip $11.95

Roast beef on a baguette with a side of AuJus for dipping and french fries

Loaded French Dip $12.95

French Dip with Sauteed peppers, onions, mushrooms and cheese

Chicken Fingers & French Fries $9.95

Hand breaded chicken with dipping sauce

Shrimp in a Basket $10.95

Hand breaded shrimp, french fries, tartar or cocktail sauce

Fish Sandwich $9.95

Fresh fried haddock with tartar or cocktail sauce

Club Sandwiches $11.95

Turkey, Roast Beef or Ham served with french fries

Rock Tavern Bar Pizza $9.95

The way you remember it and the way you like it! Now you can even get it to go, Extras: $1 each

Super Stuffed Sandwich $10.95

Roast Beef, Turkey, BLT, Ham or Ham & Cheese. White, wheat, rye or crusty roll

Open Steak on Toast$15.95

Thin 4oz tenderloin & handcut french fries

*Add on Side Salad with any Sandwich or Pub item only $2.50


Grilled Chicken Salad $9.95

Tender grilled chicken on a bed of mixed greens

Coxsackie Toll Road Salad$12.95

Chicken breast – Breaded or Broiled – chopped bacon, crumbled egg, tomato, avocado & mixed greens

Grilled Chicken Salad$9.95

Tender grilled chicken on a bed of mixed greens

Chef Salad $9.95

Turkey, Ham, Provolone, Tomatoes, Peppers, Red onion & Cucumber

Bleu Cheese Steak House Salad $12.95 

Warm, thin sliced grilled steak, bleu cheese crumbles, mixed greens, thin sliced red onion, dried cranberries with homemade bleu cheese dressing or ranch

Grilled Salmon Salad $12.95

With grilled asparagus & mixed greens. Try with our homemade ranch dressing

Crispy Shrimp Dinner Salad $12.95

Traditional salad fixin’s, mixed greens, tomato, cucumber, peppers, onions, black olives and crumbled egg & bacon if you like


*Dinner menus include salad, rolls, vegetable & starch*


Rib Steak Grille 16oz-$28.95  12oz-$25.95

One of the most popular cuts of steak today because of its incredible flavor… flame broiled and served on the bone

Delmonico Steak 16oz-$28.95  12oz-$25.95  6oz-$15.95 

Boneless eye of the Rib, marbleized, giving it extra flavor

Roast Prime Rib 26oz-$37.95  16oz-$20.95  12oz-$26.95

Well-marbled, mid-western rib. Slow-roasted, served with AuJus

New York Strip Steak                                                                   16oz-$28.95  12oz- $25.95

Perhaps the most popular steak. Flame-broiled & boneless

Fresh Ground Sirloin 16oz-$18.95  8oz-$13.95

Fresh ground on our premises, beef that’s char-broiled, juicy & delicious. Topped with sauteed mushrooms!

Filet Mignon Regular-$36.95  Mate’s-$33.95

The most tender steak, topped with fresh sauteed mushrooms

Tenderloin Bordelaise$27.95

Thickly sliced filet mignon sauteed with mushrooms & bordelaise wine sauce

Porterhouse Steak20oz-$32.95

Tenderloin & Strip Steak broiled together on the bone

T-Bone Steak17oz-$28.95

Delicious as the Porterhouse with a smaller filet

Kansas City Strip Steak16oz-$26.95

Broiled on the bone Strip Steak with sauteed mushrooms


Chicken Grille $16.95

Chicken breast char-grilled or lightly marinated

Crispy Southern Fried Chicken $15.95  Half Portion-$11.95

Crispy, Crunchy, Honey battered chicken. Need we say more?

Chicken or Veal Parmigiana$18.95  Half Portion-$12.95

Delicious home made tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, hot & bubbly & PASTA

Wiener Schnitzel$19.95

Breaded Veal, thin sliced, drizzled with lemon & butter

Chicken or Veal Marsala$18.95

Sauteed mushrooms & our special Marsala wine sauce… yum

Garden Veggie Saute$18.95

Sauteed seasonal vegetables tossed with pasta, garlic & butter with grated cheese on side


Fresh Salmon$21.95

Delicious Salmon filet, broiled or char-grilled. Served with hollandaise or herb butter

Broiled Stuffed Haddock$19.95  Half Portion-$14.95

Succulent Haddock filled with our crabmeat stuffing

Shrimp Lovers$25.95

Shrimp Cocktail, Shrimp Scampi, Fried Shrimp & Stuffed Shrimp! What could be more delightful for the Shrimp lover in you!

Seafood Fra Diavolo $24.95

Shrimp, Scallops, Clams, Mussels & Pasta in a marinara sauce as mild or spicy as you like

Fresh Haddock $19.95  Half Portion-$13.95

Deliciously simmered in a wine & butter or breaded & deep-fried until crispy and golden brown

Parmesan Encrusted Haddock $19.95  Half Portion-$13.95

Fresh broiled haddock topped with delicious Parmesan crumbles and lemon

Stuffed Shrimp$18.95 

Large shrimp, stuffed with our own house made crabmeat stuffing

Shrimp Dinner$18.95

Freshly Breaded or Broiled and served with tartar or cocktail sauce

Shrimp Scampi on Pasta or $19.95 

Large Shrimp sauteed with garlic & butter

Sea Scallops $19.95

Freshly breaded or broiled, served with cocktail or tartar sauce

Shrimp & Scallop Combo $19.95

A wonderful combo when you can’t decide, breaded or broiled

Quarry Seafood Platter $24.95

Breaded Shrimp, Breaded Haddock, Crab Cake, Mussels, Clam, Broiled Scallops & Stuffed Shrimp

Lobster Tails Twin Tails-$34.95  Single Tail-$19.95

Tender & sweet tails served in classic style with drawn butter & lemon

Grilled Salmon Dinner Salad $12.95

Fresh succulent salmon grilled with asparagus and mixed greens

Clams & Linguini $19.95

Clams! Pasta! Garlic! Tossed together with wine, butter & lemon

Land & Sea Combo$26.95

Strip Steak or Delmonico and Shrimp or Scallops

Prime Rib & Stuffed Shrimp$28.95

Slow Roasted Rib & Shrimp filled with our crabmeat stuffing